Lord Over All

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Ken Totushek
Ken Totushek


Wow, I was suddenly motivated to find and finish this song I started back in 1996.  Since it is based on the Holy Scriptures, adapted from Colossians 1, all it took was our church's Pastor doing a sermon series on the book of Colossians to commit to locate the archive, dust it off and finish it up!  This is a rough mix of the result--quite different than what I'm doing these days, but was lots of fun to rediscover and relive the music and the truths.  I hope you enjoy it.  I've included the lyrics in case you might like to sing along and internalize these eternal truths!  Blessings,  Ken


LORD OVER ALL  (Adapted from Colossians 1)                ©1996  K. Totushek         

He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all the creation

By Him all things were created, on earth, in heaven, visible and unseen

            O yea all powers, rulers, and authorities

            All were created by His majesty

He's the beginning, yes He is before all things

In Him all things hold together

The Lord of all,  He is Christ Jesus our King


He is the head of the body, Jesus is the head of the church,

He's the beginning, the very firstborn  among the dead, that's what we would be

But He rose up from the dead, yea that's why Jesus He's our head

So that in all things the giver of life Might be given the supremacy

                                                (instrumental)               woa-ohh  yeah

Now God our Father was pleased to have all His fullness dwell in Jesus His Son

And through Jesus to bring all to Himself

                        Upon the earth, and things up in heaven

            Oh making peace through the shedding of His blood

            On our behalf because of His great love

Once cut off from God because of sin

He now makes holy in His sight

All those who walk not on their own but in Him   (refrain 2x)


He is the head of the body yea, yea, Jesus is the head of the church, Oh...

The image of the invisible God, King over heav'n and earth   oh...(2x then...Yes He is, yeah, yeah, yeah,

ohhh Jesus is my Lord and Savior, He's everything to me

He is King over all creation,  Ruler of land and sea--yes He is, yes He is...

...The beginning, He's the end,  yet my redeemer and my friend

Came down to earth forsaking all,  so we could live with Him again, yes He did...

...Talkin' ' bout Jesus my mighty King, the great Ruler over everything

He holds the whole world in His hands, it's all at His command...yes it is, yes it is                                                                                                                                                                       

 ©1996  K. Totushek

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