Ken Totushek   Thanks for stopping by! I am a singer, songwriter, hymnist, acoustic instrumentalist, and international worship leader.  Frequently aware, and often reminded of my own brokenness and inability to effectively handle life’s challenges on my own, I am thoroughly humbled by the amazing grace of a loving Creator.  To borrow a great line from a John Fisher song “I am just a hungry beggar, showing you where I found food”...this is my heart’s desire!  Are we not all “hungry beggars”, in one form or another?  May the music on this site and beyond be uplifting, encouraging, and a blessing to your ears...perhaps finding its way into your home, car and life.   May it grace you with strength, hope, and joy along the way in your sojourn this side of heaven!  

If you are interested in scheduling a music venue (U.S. or or international), please see my info page and contact me.  Blessings Always,


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Joy Comes in the Mourning  

BY JESSICA HABERKERN, In Touch Magazine--Charles Stanley Ministries,  January, 2015

Joy Comes in the Mourning 

                                                                                                                                                   Picture by Webb Chappell

 February, 2015

Ken Totushek introduces a new hymn of praise in Antalya, Turkey called "Heaven's Declaration", based on Psalm 19:1-4.  You can hear the song, lyrics included at the link below...

Music and Faith 

By  /  February 25, 2014  /  

For Ken Totushek, the music can just happen — the right place, the right people and the guitar comes out and a connection is made. In Japan, the Caribbean, at a school in the Middle East, in a Buddhist Temple...

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Building Bridges Through Music (video) 



                                                                 *Photography by Webb Chappell, unless otherwise noted 



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