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"Ken Totushek is an internationally known singer/songwriter, acoustic instrumentalist and worship leader, with eight acclaimed CDs of inspirational work since 1994.  Ken’s most recent work was “Acoustic Explorations—Songs of Love”, released early 2023. He has performed in Japan, Europe, the Middle East, throughout the U.S., and of course in the Ocean State of R.I.  Ken defines himself as a musician living and sharing “freedom Songs” and music.  His music is down to earth, inviting, and tends to capture the heart of the listener as he leads one through a calming and hope filled musical journey--aspects of his own life and spiritual pilgrimage.   Venues have ranged from concerts and special music, song circles, house concerts, hospitals, restaurants and pubs to leading worship at international church services and conferences.  In 2013 Ken was awarded Japan’s Kansai Music Conference “Building Bridges Through Music” Award. 

Along with music, Ken continually studies the impact of guitar construction, woods used, age, playing style, etc. on tone, inspiration, mood, and spiritual connection.  Ken's musical theme has to do with real stuff of life—experiences which mold and shape who we really are, good and bad, easy and hard.  A message of unfettered hope in the midst of life’s varied challenges is woven throughout all of Ken’s music.  He values highly his faith, his family, and his friendsKen resides with his wife Kathy in Barrington, RI and Arlington, VA.   

Instrumentation--various acoustic guitars, Hawaiian lap steel, resophonic guitar, ukelele, vocal. Sets can be instrumental only, songs primarily, or mixed between both.

8 albums to date--For the Rest of Your Life, ©1994; Pilgrim Song, ©2001; Sweet Devotion, ©2004, and Sweet Devotion--heart, ©2005; For the Rest of Your Life and Beyond, ©2010; "Real Life Stuff--Hope's Alive!" ©2013, Acoustic Explorations Vol. 1-- Longing Soul, Longing Spirit” ©2019, “Acoustic Explorations Vol.2—Songs of Love” ©2023.

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 Some recent comments from others about Ken’s music…

“Ken’s music comes straight from his heart into yours.” (Tim Farrell, PA, acoustic guitar instrumentalist)

“Ken travels around the world and shares the love of God through his lovely music. The ‘2013 Building Bridges with Music’ award he received in Japan is a tribute to his ability to connect with people.” (P. Nethercott, Tokyo)

“I love the variety in Ken’s music and singing in ‘Real Life Stuff—Hope’s Alive!’” (R. Peterson, Dallas, TX)

“I just love Ken’s music on his ’For the Rest of Your Life…and Beyond!’ CD“ (E. Wright, Barrington, RI)

“Releasing a double CD is always heroic act for musician. Especially in self-financed business. Ken has got something to say and I'm happy he made the effort pushing it all the way through to share it with us. The result is remarkable - two CDs full of positive, original music. I'm proud to be part of it with my violin. I wish Ken all the best and many happy listeners all around the globe.  Keep going, Ken.” (T. Mach, Czech Republic)

“Thanks for an enjoyable musical experience, and for sharing your heart through music.” (R. Luce, Chicago, IL)



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